The cultural area consists of Geography, History, Arts, and Science.

Children have a natural interest in learning about new places in our World. The Montessori classroom gives the child a chance to explore the world through physical geography which includes the sandpaper globe, land and water forms, puzzle maps of each continent, and engaging land and water forms, as well as through cultural geography which explores the customs, music, foods, clothing, transportation, home and family life of other cultures.

Children also possess a natural curiosity about how things work. In the Montessori classroom, many activities are available for the child to explore simple machines: construction of a flashlight, sink and float, magnets.

Children explore Nature through studying Zoology and botany, and participating in the hands-on experiences of caring for plants and animals both inside the classroom and outdoors.

The Arts is explored with a wide variety of material. Water colors, pastels, clay, gluing. Sewing buttons knitting, making pillows, embroidery. It delves into Artists their paintings as well as exploring musicians, music and instruments.