About the Classroom

The Belden Hill Montessori Primary classroom is indeed a child’s world, geared to the size, pace, and interests of children between the ages 2 ½ - 6 years old (kindergarten). The classroom is designed to put the child at ease by giving them a prepared environment with attractive materials that call out to the child. These materials are arranged on low shelves with easy reach for all ages. 


The tables and chairs are all child size and are movable, allowing the children to rearrange for different activities. The children also work on small mats on the floor where they can sit comfortably. 


The Montessori materials in the classroom are divided into four main groups:

Practical Life Exercises are the beginning activities for the 3 and 4 year olds.

Sensorial Materials can be used by all ages and consist of a variety of materials that are related to our five senses.

Academic Materials await each’s child’s moment of interest in reading and arithmetic.

Cultural materials, such as Geography and the Arts, are also an area that is offered to all ages.


The beautifully prepared environment permits children to occupy themselves with constructive activities that teach them wide and varied skills.

The children learn, not only to make choices, but also to be responsive to their “inner teacher” and develop confidence in the voice of their own conscience.

It is designed to offer external activities that match the emerging development needs and interests of a wide variety of children.