In the Mathematics area, once again Montessori created concrete materials to represent all types of quantities so that the child can touch and move item as they enumerate them.

In a Montessori environment, a child not only sees the symbol for 1; 1,000; or ½, but they can also hold each of the corresponding quantities in their hand.

By combining this equipment, separating it, sharing it, and counting it, they can demonstrate to themselves the basic operations of arithmetic.

This activity gives them the satisfaction of learning rather than by being told. Eventually, they develop an early enthusiasm for the world of numbers.


The language area begins with the spoken language of the prepared environment. Followed by the numerous picture cards of animals, transportation, flowers, instruments, etc.

The Montessori child learns the letters of the alphabet through the sand paper letters. Each letter is recognized by its phonetic sound. Later the child begins creating words with the moveable alphabet. Later the child begins creating words the moveable alphabet. With the repetitiveness of the alphabet box the child becomes confident in the formation of creating words, sentences and stories.

As the child continues to work with the alphabet, teachers will guide them through a wide range of pre-reading exercises. Therefore, an explosion in reading and writing will occur.